Monday, 1 March 2010


I have been scanning the horizon on this fine sunny day, but no sign of a fast craft, are we all suprised. I do understand that Euroferries have a signed agreement with TDC, but whether it is worth the paper its written on is a different matter.
We are more likely to see the ex prins filip before Easter than the Euroferries express.
I did see Cllr Kirby's comment re the car parking has he taken over the port from his emminence Cllr Latchford does anyone know?
Unfortunately speaking to thosewho know he is speaking a load of tosh, the carpark is going to have a few quid spent on it but not what it needs.

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  1. I have lost count. Was today the 4th or 5th launch date set by Euroferries? The timetable on their website still clearly shows services starting on 1 March. Absolutely no indication on their website that the Ramsgate to Boulogne service has again been postponed.