Monday, 22 March 2010


It was sad to see the Crestway go on Friday, I had got used to her potterings between Ramsgate and Dover, I trust that she was successful in her endeavours and we will not see the new supership hard and fast aground.
It will be a prestigous job for the pilot bringing such a vessel back to the port. A shame that their does not seem to be any dredging going on in the harbour this year, they made such a good start last year, and I understood it was going to be continued this year. Lots of nashing of teeth at the temple and at vattenfall if all the yachts end up on the putty.

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  1. The word on the street is crestway where have you gone please come back again.
    It appears the bottom is rather like a potato field with 1 metre high ridges !!!!