Thursday, 4 March 2010

Marina & Gold Anchors

I picked up on one of the blogsites that the marina has only got 3 anchors now, anyone substaniate this ? A bit of a shock I always thought that they took pride in their anchors.Down to lack of investment by tdc i suppose.


  1. From the The yacht harbour association 3 gold anchors Royal Harbour Marina Ramsgate

  2. At Ramsgate, the marina has suffered recently from a lack of investment it is hoped that the withdrawal of one anchor will focus thanet district council and help ensure a proper management structure is put into place, together with funding to rebuild the marina to its proper condition.
    This is not a quote from the yacht harbour association but a personal view.

  3. you're havin a giraffe, the only money tdc has spent on the harbour recently has been grant money. The west marina was all grant money and all tdc did was increase the mooring fees and supply a cr*ppy service, the only decent thing was the bunch of lads running the marina