Friday, 26 March 2010

Ostend Spirit

Good to see pilot captain T doing a grand job in bringing the Ostend Spirit in. The OS dwarfs the other vessels, lets hope Trans europa and LD can fill her up. The P&O resumption of the Dover Zebruggee line can't be welcome in the trans europa camp.


  1. TDc are being there usual self and have not put the fenders on the berth, so a little nudge will put berth 3 out of action. Money talks as always and tdc won't spent, I hear trans europa are fuming that the service is being put at risk despite tdc assurances that they would do what was necessary for the arrival of the ostend spirit

  2. Apparently TDC have employed some consultants to look at the fenders, who are funnily enough the same consultants who were employed by Sally line when the fenders were installed in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How to waste public money by tdc.

  3. How to waste public money by tdc.
    IS That the title of the new very thick book TDC are writing