Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Maritime Museum

The information below was received by one correspondent with Thanet District council, it took them over 90 days to respond instead of the 20 days. One wonders what commercial interest there could be in a charity leasing a building from TDC? More to the point why does TDC take 90 days to respond to a request that they have a legal duty to respond in 20 days, and what are they trying to hide or not tell us!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your communication received on ........where you requested information about the Lease for Ramsgate ClockTower (Maritime) Museum.

I can confirm that Thanet District Council holds this information. This information is exempt under section(s) 43 of the Freedom of Information Act and is therefore being withheld.

The information requested is likely to predjudice the commercial interests of the persons (or public authority) and therefore the information is exempt under section 43.

Having considered the public interest, the Department’s decision is therefore to withhold the information.


  1. I think Steam Museum Trust was at one time applying for Charity status but I am not sure they registered. Will check Charity Commission website.

  2. May 2009 Registered ?

    If this is them they registered last May.

  3. Odd but then they would want to keep some things secret like the rent paid for the gatekeepers place at Northdown house there are peppercorn rents and pepper dust rents

  4. Surely if it is pepper corn or pepper dust it would have to count as grant. I suppose the time to ask is when the accounts are open, i can see the finance team at tdc having many questions to answer in April.