Monday, 15 February 2010

Trans Europa + LD Lines

It will be good to see the Ex Prins Filip sailing in to Ramsgate again, I was looking at my picture of her final sailing with the Anglian Man and Reever in attendance. I wonder who is picking up the dredging bill which I expect will be over £300,000. Does it mean the port will be getting a new tug, I can't think the Nore Challenger would be enough to handle a vessel of that size on her own.


  1. I would think your estimate is low, there is also a fender system to be replaced . The car parking lanes that need to be levelled and if they are taking foot passengers the pay and display park suface has been ruined by the lorry parking and will need to be replaced.

  2. That seems an awful lot has TDC got that many pennies in the kitty, after all trips to china, carpets and double glazing aren't cheap!!!!